Friday, November 19, 2010


I've been getting more into crochet lately. I made some coral for the Natural History Museum Hyperbolic Coral Reef Exhibit. It's open until April 2011! You should try to get out and see the exhibit--it's really beautiful. I was very excited to find one of my pieces... they're having a party for the people who contributed to the reef on Saturday--tomorrow! Steve's going with me. Looking forward to meeting other contributors.

I've joined a group on the internet who like to crochet and knit. The website is They have a lot of great ideas and some helpful hints. I'm enjoying perusing their site. I found a pattern for an Adipose doll from Dr. Who and have been trying to make that. This is my 1st amigurumi creature. I hope it turns out OK! I've been getting help from Cindy at work. It's been fun learning how to read a pattern. Images will be posted!

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