Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I sure have a lot of Christmas presents to make! I'm trying to knit a small hat and scarf to dress up a bottle. It's a cute idea, but it's taking a long time! I haven't been knitting for a while and trying to get used to knitting again---plus trying to knit in the round with 4 needles is really difficult for me. I'm also making a scarf for my aunt. It's a spiral---curly scarf. It's got a lot of stitches... so one row takes a long time to get through. I'm also trying to make Steve a scarf and Jake a hat. I've made most of the coffee/drink cozies. I've also finished 6 pairs of slippers.

We're getting our new dining room table and chairs in a couple days.... but we still have our old set! We've gotta sell that set and get it out of here!

I haven't even started decorating for Christmas yet! And I need to get the house cleaned up a bit before decorating. Humphrey is still marking... that means we have gates put up to protect areas of the house. How that'll work with the tree will be interesting! Why did he start this!?!? He was totally potty trained and all of a sudden he started marking in the house! I guess it's his age and hormones! :(

I guess I'm gonna get a move on and get cleaning!

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