Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I woke up to this cute little guy... that's his morning look. So sweet!

Then I took Humphrey for a walk and saw this pretty tree... so I took a photo of the beautiful flowers.

I had a job today... I was in the audience at work for a change... got to hang around my friends... sat with Karen. It was nice to talk to her after so long! It was very comfortable outside... not a bad time at all.

I had a fun time after work today going out to dinner with Jeff and Ellen. We ate at Matchbox. I had 2 mini burgers that were delicious! I had a crab cake and salad. THEN.... Jeff ordered a bunch of desserts!!!!! I had some pecan pie, some chocolate molten cake, some sorbet, and a donut hole! ARGH!!!! But it tasted great!

I wore my wind chime necklace today.... what fun. I love the little jingling sounds following me everywhere.

Allergies still acting up.... gonna clean up the kitchen then relax. Goodnight folks!

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