Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I've been working on taxes for hours now.... YUCK! My eyes are killing me.... allergies, staring at computer and receipts, etc..... I have the new Sherlock Holmes playing in the background. I'll have to really watch it someday soon.... it looks good.

I made italian sausage with red & green peppers and onions. I had TWO! Yummy!

I wrote a letter to my compassion child and sent a b-day gift. I hope they buy her something she really wants. It'd be neat to meet her someday.... but that trip would be expensive and intense. She's gonna be 16 in June.... she only has until 2012 and she'll be on her own. I hope she can get a good job and maybe move somewhere less poverty stricken. She seems like a nice girl.

OK.... back to work... my break is over!

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