Monday, April 12, 2010

My birthday...

Well.... I got an iPad from my wonderful hubby! I have too much stuff on my computer, so I have to dump some stuff before I can use the iPad. ARGH! Gotta get movin' on that! I can't wait to try it! I also got a stretching book from Steve's aunt Norma. I got a leopard ring and lip balm from Vicki. I got money from dad and Bev.... and from Aunt Renee... plus she gave me a Steelers shirt and a pretty pink shirt. Tracey gave me a cool wind chime necklace! Claire made pretty blue earrings for me and is sending me a book. Jeff and Steve gave me a Kohl's gift card. Gail sent me a kids book called, "Sadie the saxophone fairy," and an artsy fartsy bookmark.

A bunch of friends gave me an impromptu party yesterday.... lots of good food! Wendy is an expert griller! Jeff made some awesome shrimp... Vicki & Scott brought a yummy salad... Tracey brought grape leaves and hummus... Ellen brought whole wheat pasta salad, strawberries and hummus... I made guacamole and chocolate cake with fudge and ice cream. What a decadent and delightful treat! Lots of beer and wine tasting going on! Of course, Humphrey was a hit!

What a great birthday! Thanks everyone!

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